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By DaiUrnal

Dark Side of the Moon

...no, that's by a different band.

I took a Bank Holiday walk to the top of my favourite vantage point, Little Solsbury Hill. It was much more heavily frequented today because of the vacation and the weather.

Even so, because traffic levels are low on the A46 Batheaston bypass, it's Tranquillity Base here, on this seat overlooking Bath.

The bench is to be found just below the Ordnance Survey strangulation point on the summit; it's dedicated to a lady who obviously loved this view of Bath. I often sit here a while and reflect on everything and nothing.

After recently having had my locks drastically shorn, you'll note I'm still fascinated by the back of my own head, which until recently was as unknown and unexplored as the far side of the Moon:

On Solsbury Hill
Pace Peter Gabriel's song
The Eagle's landed

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