The way I see it.

By christinePears

Down by the river

Beautiful day for the last day of the holidays. The last 17 days have gone by very quickly but I have had a great break from routine and feel refreshed and ready for the summer term. My two sons left this morning, one returning to Isle of Lewis where he lives and the other to Inverness where he resides when he is not working in Caithness. It was lovely to spend some time with the two of them as that does not often happen once they fly the nest!
Did a lot of work in the garden this afternoon and it is starting to look like a garden rather than a building site. Still not 100% sure what I will do with awkward shaped bit of ground at the top of the planted slope but it is either going to be grass or gravel but this year part of it might be vegetables. Depends how fast I work!

Went for a walk down by the river with Clisham the cat before dinner and enjoyed looking at the marsh marigolds that are in full blossom. As I photographed this bunch of them I became fascinated by the reflections and the cloud. Thought it made a decent quick blip.

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