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By EdwardFenner

A mob of one???

Our contentious federal elections - the third in 5 years - are underway and they are quite volatile (in rhetoric, but the percentage of support are not really much changed). Youths across the country are try to rally turnout for their age group and have created "vote mobs" at university campuses across the country - largely on a dare from popular comedian and political ranter, Rick Mercer. YorkU is, normally, a very political and activist university. However, when I came by to see our vote mob - nobody was there. It was scheduled from 3-6 today. I arrived at 3:15 and stayed for 10 minutes. Near the end, one fellow came by but I'm not sure if he is or was part of the mob or is just hanging out in Vari Hall. I may have just missed the bus taking student to the poll off campus. Hard to say. I expected to see hundreds of students and hear lots of noise.

Alternate title: Suppose they called for a mob and nobody came?

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