Bitter River

By shaun22

Lights of the Night

by Die Princess Die

woke up early. for no reason.
had a pretty productive day-
though not really in the areas i wanted it to be..
crew meeting for Coffee Talk tonight.
took this pic on the walk back,
even though i've blipped this area before.
thought i would play with another HDR
and see how it turns out.
the effect in this one is definitely more noticeable
than my previous attempt.
this time i decided to go ahead and link to the originals too
(although theyve been shrunk and combined).
this is almost untouched after the HDR process-
just a couple very tiny tweaks
(i like what the process did to the colors..)
you can also see the lens flares from each of the original pics-
i didnt use a tripod for this.

*a year ago today*
another productive day-
though this one was trapped in front of a computer.

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