I should be sleeping now. But I'm not very tired yet. It's going on midnight. I have to go to the gym in the morning. It's not good if I'm tired. But it's no good going to bed when I'm wide awake either!

Our local community art gallery, the KW Art Gallery has a new director and tonight we had a reception to welcome her to our community. It was nice to be there. It was especially nice to meet her. But the side effect is getting to catch up with other art supporters in the community.

I had thought that I might join some other friends for drinks at a local bar afterwards, but I completely forgot!!! Doh! So, instead i stayed home. This was okay too. Allowed me to take this picture. And a few others of the neighbourhood. It's kind of misty and damp out tonight. Very moody.

I was delinquent posting a picture from Sunday. Please have a look, it's a favourite of mine :)

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