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By SJordan

A lovely day with friends.

Such a beautiful sunny day today, and my uni friends and I had already decided to meet up for lunch, which worked out nicely, as after lunch we went and did a little sunbathing and ate ice cream in Botanic Gardens. :D It was the perfect day for it. :D Here's (l-r) Kirsty, Laura and myself, these are the girls I'm going to Majorca with in September (Jane's coming too, but she couldn't make it today), they're great girls, I love them to bits. :)

After our sunbathing session I dropped Laura home (Kirsty lives in Belfast), then came home. Mum decided that we're going to have a bbq for dinner tonight, it's the perfect day for it, so who was I to argue. Possibly going to a Royal Wedding Street Party tonight with Becca and Caroline, should be a fun experience. ;)


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