secret garden

By freespiral


A fabulous day - warm,bright and a light breeze. And another massive hike has just been completed! We started off at the end of the peninsula then walked along the south side, then across - blooming miles!  A wonderfully remote place, a definite end off the world feeling and so exhilarating. We ate doorstep sandwiches on top of a cliff near a waterfall - pretty much perfect.
We saw:
seagulls, blackbirds and larks ascending
a huge variety of wildflowers- amazing for such an apparently  scrubby and boggy landscape
butterflies - including a tiny little emerald thing that I've never seen before - there were lots of them frolicking over the heather - possibly a Green Hairstreak
a ruined settlement
2 Americans, 8 loud Irish women and two men running without their tops on, plus their dog!!

To my astonishment, I had forgotten my camera but luckily two others were available! I had to borrow son number 1's hardcore SLR, including poncy straps!!  I rather liked it!!

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