By sp33dway

Shower scene

Decided it was high time I got off my rapidly fattening arse and did some exercise today, so not only did I go for a quick stroll after an even quicker perusal in pets world (I was looking for a female albino bristlenose) but I also nipped tut gym after work for an hour. Nothing mad, just some light weights n'stuff to help ease my back into shape ready for my first mountain bike sesh a week on saturday. Looking forward to it too - s'been bluddy AGES since I hit the saddle.

I aint one for doing exercise couped up indoors except of course for weight training and the odd game of badminton. I used to play squash till I ripped a ligamenteytendoney thing in my left ankle a few years back but don't anymore because, well, it bluddy hurt and I don't want to do it again. I may take up a bit of treadmill running until my wobbley bits stop wobbling but once I know I can run for at least 5 minutes without either suffering an asthma attack or exposing a builders crack every four paces I'll start doing a jog or two down some dung fouled lane. I need to anyway, because I'm toying with the idea of doing
that. Well, a top friend of mine told me once that facing our fears can be a quite tydee thing to do, so as long as it aint anything to do with spiders then I'm willing to give it a go. I think.


(ha - just noticed my 'one year ago thumnail'. Quite possibly the weirdest blip I've ever done)

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