a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726

Boys and their toys!

Jack is definitely a 'cars and trucks' type of guy. He's got every construction truck and race car, and even some tractor trailers and Jeeps. He has 'roads' all over the house, and will spend hours on the floor playing.

Some of his favorites are the Hess trucks, cars and jets. He has received them as a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle for the last few years. They put out a new 'model' each year. The one he is playing with here he got a few years ago.....a 'trailer truck' that dumps, and it has a little matching bulldozer that fits in the back. Complete with flashing lights and sound effects, it's probably every little boys favorite type of toy!!

Another thing Jack loves is 'the outdoors'. This morning Jack got his new bedroom set delivered and we've been having fun putting his new bedding set on! It's in a camping/lodge theme....complete with bears, moose, tents, fishing, etc. He's pretty excited to have a 'big guy' bedroom. (It's nicer than ours!!)

Check out a shot of his bedding here....... and a shot of part of his room here!!!

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