Darrell K Morris

By darrellkmorris

Flag Day

3.30 p.m. Lamb and Flag Pub, Rose Street, London. Thankfully, we are almost there. Soon the bunting and flags shall come down and the Royalists will have to dress a little more conservatively again as they go back home and store away they're gawdy Royal collectibles for another great occasion. The media frenzy of this week, coupled with the first hardcore of union flag bedecked Royalists heading into London has reminded of the songs of The Smiths and The Housemartins in recent days. Back in 1986 as another Royal Wedding took place, both bands featured prominently with this then 11 year old. The Smiths swansong - The Queen Is Dead and the debut single from The Housemartins - Flag Day still to this day seem so apt. For me I shall be on a train in three hours time, where on arrival, I shall reunited with dear old blighty.

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