Blipper's Daily (?)

By blipper

Too Much Excitement

Today was just far too exciting and I'll be glad to finally escape from it to the calm of my bed.

First there was the Royal Wedding.....pretty much all day the staff at work managed to find some excuse to watch, listen or talk about the wedding using a variety of devices such as company computers and mobile phones. Strange really as pretty much everyone I spoke to said that they really were not 'particularly bothered' about the wedding. Personally I was so excited by the whole thing I nearly wet myself (for those of you in any doubt the last sentence contained particularly high levels of sarcasm...I'm not exactly known for my love of the Royal family... in fact this was my favourite news story today).

The excitement of the wedding was followed by even more excitement when I arrived home. This was the opportunity to shift, by hand, a tonne of hardcore from the drive to the garden in preparation for laying some paving later this weekend.

Finally there was the excitement of the shows (aka Funfair) being back in town.....too much....I'm off to bed!

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