The second half of life..

By twigs


Had a wozgonna day which basically means that nothing got done, although I wozgonna do lots of things!

One thing I did manage to do though was mow the lawns. They hadn't been done for close to 3 weeks :( It's amazing how much neater and tidier the whole garden looks and feels when the lawns are done :) This should keep me happy for another few weeks!

Last day of the school holidays tomorrow :( Heading in to the winter term which I struggle with. Am working at keeping positive though.

And how could I NOT mention THE wedding yesterday...?! Yes, I watched it, yes, I enjoyed it and yes, I felt a few pangs of homesickness. It's the pageantry and pomp that the Brits do so well that gets to me. That and the fact that it was so clear they're heading into nice warm weather!! So go well William and Katherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. May your lives together be filled with much happiness, sunshine and love.

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