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By SJordan

Becca - The best friend anyone could ever ask for!

Becca, Sarah and I went to the Annual May Day Street Fair in Holywood this afternoon. It was a lovely sunny and warm day, which made it even better. :) We took a walk around the stalls, and had a some lunch. We even saw Peter Robinson, our First Minister, sadly I forgot my camera, and the pics I got of him on my phone weren't blipworthy. ;)

After the fair I went back to Becca's and played wii sports resort, I'm not very good at it, but it's a lot of fun. Just as I was driving up my road to come home my neighbours grandkids hit my car with a frisbee. Thankfully there's no damage and everyone was very apologetic. :)

Off to work now... :( The only plus is that I get double-time cause it's a bank holiday. Happy May Day everyone... Gosh, I can't believe it's May already!


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