The façades of these two houses have recently been repainted and it seems to emphasise the way the houses in this narrow street lean towards each other to make more room for people and horses (and nowadays cars too) to pass through it. The pink and blue walls also show another feature of many old houses here - the door at street level belongs to one house, but the rooms directly above it belong to the next house - I like the way the drainpipe has been carefully divided into the two colours!

Meanwhile, repainting continues in our little house in preparation for summer lets. It's not good enough to blip yet, though!

I'm waffling on about house painting in order to take my mind off the fact that daughter's plane from LA is due to land at Heathrow at any moment, and I keep flicking back to the airport arrivals board to check. If you read my blip a couple of weeks ago when she went you'll know how anxious I am.

Later: The plane landed safely!

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