By stuartare

'Baby Asleep'

Today I went to the New Art Gallery in Walsall primarily to see exhibition of Brian Griffin's work I saw advertised in the local paper, although I also enjoyed the Toby Ziegler 'The Alienation of Objects' show on the same floor, and the Garman Ryan collection. The Gallery has a large body of Jacob Epstein's work since it was donated by Kathleen Garman, his widow who was born in Wednesbury. THe piece above is called 'Baby Asleep,' although for some reason it was located in the Brian Griffin exhibition. Nonetheless, I quite like it and I've always quite admired sculptures made from cast metal just because they seem so hard to make.

PS today is my 45th consecutive blip, and since I read somewhere that it takes 45 days of doing something regularly to become a habit, I should be doing this sort of thing without thinking now...we'll see how that goes.

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