Andy's Photo Journal

By andmoff

The Pox

Alex has been well and truly stricken down with the pox. Poor wee guy though in fairness he is treating it with the usual Alex defiance/ stoicism. Even to the point of denying calamine lotion, though Piriton liquid is good. I will be up tonight somewhere between midnight and two as Alex and his entourage (6 stuffed animals) will all present themselves as available for toilet, we will then have a screaming match which will result in him eventually accepting defeat and getting some calamine lotion.

On a cheerier note my mate Norman killed Bambi's Mum at the weekend and I now have half of her in the freezer. The bones have been roasted, boiled and reduced to a spectacular demi-glace. So over the next few weeks I will indulge in some haunch, seared fillet, braised shoulder and some spectacular meatballs from the minced brisket. Deer may be blipped but they are most certainly better pan fried. Deglaze with some red wine reduce with herbs and a juniper berry and gloss the reduction with a few squares of very good dark chocolate.

Open a Crianza.

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