Two Thousand Photos

By ajinternational

Reporting Scotland

So the votes are in and we have a winner...

President Fish (or "His Excellency, the Supreme Ruler of Scotland and the Peninsula of Britain, Grand Master of the Amber Liquid, Beholder of the See You Jimmy Hat and Lord of the Numpties" as I'm reliably informed his full title is...) has secured an impressive victory - 69 out of 129 seats - and the first majority government in Scotland (No ConDem coalition here, thank you very much...)

Sadly, I didn't get a chance to capture Eck riding triumphantly into town on Nessie earlier, but I had a walk around and ended up at Holyrood.

There was a sizeable local media presence (7 satellite vans counts as 'sizeable' here btw!) and plenty of tourists walking around confused as to what was going on.

But I do wonder if the SNP majority means that we'll now get a Referendum on Independence in the near future...

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