All that is beautiful

By sharob

Nap time!

After deciding that I need to spend time with people, I emailed a friend, just a simple message and she invited us over to lunch. She's a childminder so she can't really come out with 3 children under 2! So we went to visit them this morning. Was very proud of my two playing together so beautifully, my friend commented on how she was amazed that they could play alongside eachother, and that Clara didn't even complain when Storm ruined her game .. she just picked up where she left off without even a sigh. We came home as I have to log into work for an hour each day, did that and then had a phone call. My other friend wanted to come visit ..

This friend. Hmm .. I love her to pieces, she's a lovely lady, very kind, generous, just generally a geniunely nice lady. But I find it hard that she allows her children to tell her what to do, She notices but I think she likes the quiet life, but it means that it's difficult to talk to her when they're around. Don't get me wrong, there are much worse children, her children are polite, and on the whole, great kids. I've spent lots of time with them .. They just know how to press her buttons and boy, do they!!

We're all different, we all do things differently and we raise our children differently .. there is no rule book, so no right or wrong way. I am definitely an authorative figure, I guess I get that from my Dad .. actually, if only my Dad had bothered to be around .. he'd see that you can be authorative without being an emotionally abusive bully.


There's supposed to be thunder storms tonight. I hope so. I love storms!

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