Big Hill

By bighill

Busy Day.....

It's been a busy day here, getting the pottery and studio ready for the weekends show!

Bronwyn did a wonderful job of organizing the upstairs....over the past couple of years i've accumulated a large stock of either 'slightly flawed' or glazes i won't use again stuff and so i've got them up there, with drastically reduced prices....such bargains! I dealt with the studio and showroom, got it all cleaned and organized....jeezz such a lot of dusting to be done.....i'm finished!!!

Finally around noon the skies cleared and we were blessed with some sunshine, so mid afternoon the 3 of us, plus the dogs....set off for a was lovely!

now, it's time for last nights quiche reheated....yeah for left overs....and a glass or two of wine.....and a veg out in front of the telly!!!!!

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