Kirstie Gossage

By KirstieG

Perfect weather to........

Hang out your washing
Take delivery of your new outside furniture
Take the dogs a lovely long walk
Do some gardening

OK, well I guess its option 5 then

Drink tea and catch up on some reading

Top one is current read, lent to me by a friend. 'Room' was recommended by a fellow Blipper, thanks Sarah. Then I had to get the bottom one as it was 2 for £7 and I'm not one to turn my nose up to a bargain!

Pups slept much better last night - I woke up at 630am still though so not much of a lie in. Bought us tea in bed which Mr G then knocked all over the Bose speakers and iPhone. Then Stanley jumped on the bed so mine went everywhere too. Oh, and the final thing was Barney did a wee on the dogs was clearly time to get up and at 'em!!!

Out for a nice meal with the hubby tonight, yummy :)

Have a great, relaxing Saturday everyone!

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