The second half of life..

By twigs

Just one loaf please

It's poured all night :( Decided that the time was right to start to look at a decent raincoat so headed in to town for my first look to see what's around.

On the drive in round the waterfront I witnessed what appeared to be an absolute feeding frenzy from a flock of gulls. I pulled over and eagerly hopped out the car (fortunately, a break in the rain!) thinking I was witnessing the gulls frantically feeding on an unsuspecting school of fish. No such luck! Instead, there was what appeared to be a loaf or two of bread and a packet of wraps floating in the water (from where, I wonder?!?!) and it seemed it was this free and easy access to carbohydrate that was causing all the fuss. There were of course a few squabbles, despite there clearly being enough food there for them all, but of all the pics I shot, it was this one of a gull reflection just prior to bread-grab that I liked the most.

Continued on to town and looked at a few different stores' rainproof jackets but came away with nothing more than a confused head and the promise of a serious hit on the bank balance to come :( It seems staying dry is going to cost a lot!

Shopping for groceries......long talk to C.......cook some programmes I'd recorded ages ago.......heading to bed to read for a while.

Rainy days - a great way of relaxing :)

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