By wingpig

misleading information

If you haven't seen my about page, how old would you suppose I am?

I've nothing against my hair at all. Whilst engreying itself it's become slightly more voluminous and wiry (the white hairs seem noticeably thicker and twistier than the normal ones) but now generally does exactly what I wished it had done when I was seventeen and growing it out. Although occasionally it arranges itself in little Pauline-style horns at either cheek.

Think of the word "shop" and what do you picture? A place which sells you things or a place which has things in it which it displays whereupon you select a thing, ask for one, pay for it then go home to play with it. There's probably another word for a place which displays things which it doesn't have in stock and which you cannot currently buy. A rude word. "Well, we've 1,700 on back order but they were supposed to be here in September" is not what I want to hear. "Certainly, I'll just fetch one from our store-room" would be better. Instead I have to hope that John Lewis (who definitely have stock) can be bothered to get round to price-matching Jessop tomorrow so that I don't have to wait until Monday (although if I do have to wait then hopefully Calumet (WHY do they not open at weekends?) will have suitable positive stock levels so that I don't have to buy from a non-specific shop-type).

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