Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

2011 Challenge : Mother - Pietà

I thought this sculpture fitted the theme of the week, Mary the mother of Christ cradling her crucified son.

It is located in the newly refurbished St Andrew's RC Cathedral in Glasgow. The golden light on the left side is from a large stand of candles. I thought about cropping the image to miss out the words, but decided to leave them in, to show a little of the redecoration, particularly the gold theme which runs throughout the whole sanctuary.

I went to view the exhibition of 80 sketch drawings and paintings by Peter Howson, relating to the new work The Martyrdom of St John Ogilvie which now hangs in the Cathedral. What struck me most was the expressive nature of the faces, and how these developed through the studies until he finalised the work.

The exhibition ends at 5 pm tomorrow, Sunday 8 May. It is in the Eyre Hall, next door to the Cathedral. Very busy there today, and many of the studies have already been sold.

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