secret garden

By freespiral

Edie Puss

Her Edieness tolerated my attempts to join in the sunday cat challenge but was a little bored with the whole thing. She had a lot of relaxing to catch up with.

We moved to Ireland nearly nine years ago and had been in our house for about two months when a cat one day rushed into the kitchen, stole an apple turnover and rushed out again! The next evening said cat appeared in the conservatory, which had no door at the time, and looked plaintive. Ever one to succumb to things like that, she was rewarded with a bowl of milk. Half an hour later another cat, very similar to the first but much bigger, also arrived and looked even more plaintive. Two more bowls of milk were produced, cat number 1 still being ravenous. We then went to the pub for the evening and on return found two kittens had also been brought into the conservatory and were also looking plaintive! Next morning four faces stared at us. Scrambled eggs and cheese were duly produced. They stayed. Edie is one of the kittens. She is a very wise and serene kind of cat and is not easily ruffled. She is however a ferocious hunter. I suspect she had something to do with the half a rat, and not its best half, that was left on the path this morning.

The rain finally stopped but the wind has not. A nice blustery sort of day and a very productive one. I have been strimming (weed whacking) and clearing paths. I am now wrecked and a cup of tea and the papers beckon. Style magazine is full of who wore what at The wedding - strange what a long time ago it seems now.

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