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Another busy day today.

Hubbie kindly got up with Ethan at 6.20am and let me have my 2nd lie-in of the weekend. He spent a few hours downstairs with Ethan, before Ethan decided he wanted to come upstairs ... came charging into the bedroom and got very excited when he saw me. Time to get up I guess!

I walked down to Toys R Us with him mid morning to check out Moshi Monsters as one of my pals wee girls has asked me for one for her birthday and I had no idea what they were! As soon as we got there, Ethan made it quite clear he wanted to get out the pushchair and walk. So I let him and he had great fun walking up and down the aisles and round in circles round the displays. Then he found the playhuts and he was in his element! I'm thinking we should get one but wow they're expensive! Of course the one he liked best was the £250 one not the £100 one! Ouch! He had a bit of a meltdown when I tried to put him in his pushchair but he was clearly tired. Ten minutes later he was sound asleep and slept for an hour 40 minutes in his pushchair.

In the afternoon, hubbie and I took Ethan into Edinburgh to visit sister-in-law Emma and her 4 kids. We haven't seen them since Ethan's birthday party in December and had some (late) birthday presents to drop off for 2 of her kids. She also gave Ethan his 2010 Christmas pressie so at least we weren't the only ones late with present deliveries! He got nice cuddles from his cousin Isla-Rose although she was rather more enthusiastic than him!

On the way home we popped into Asda. We only went in for some rolls but came out with one of these. Ethan was so funny trying to climb backwards and up on to it. Another shopper actually stopped to watch him and couldn't stop laughing at him - he was so entertaining! We also saw one of these on display which Ethan was so excited to sit on. We would have bought one too but they're out of stock and the staff say they can't say when they're getting more in. Also out of stock on the website - grrrrr. Now I know it's going to be hard to get hold of, it makes me want it more!

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