Five things

By fivethings

Get set

1. Jewellery class starts today so I escort Colin off the premises and head back to bed for a good read at my new book and wake for my all time favourite tomato bagel for breakfast.

2. The race is tomorrow and I am starting to get very excited. I look out my kit and look at the other medals I've won. There is something very emotional about running in a big race. It's an inner pride, a sense of accomplishment, it makes me well up.

3. I head over to Colin's at teatime and the bus drives the route of the last 2ks and my excitement builds. I'm grinning from ear to ear.

4. We head out for a walk now the rain has stopped and pass the crew setting up for tomorrow. This is the finish line.

5. Like a true professional I have fish and chips for tea and wait for my early night watching Doctor Who.

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