a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726

Hummingbird Happiness!

A lot of action at the hummingbird feeder this morning....a few hummingbirds were going back and forth for a sip of nectar, some even fighting each other to get to it!

I decided to sit pretty much right underneath it on a little picnic table Jack has on the deck. I only had to sit there about a minute before they came back to drink some more.

'Blip Snap' over at Just Be's journal! Although she's got a unique shot of one of these little birds....

I'm helping at Jacks school today, so I will hopefully catch up with everyone later! Have a great day!

By the way...Friday is Bethannes Dog Blip Challenge! Blip your dog or your neighbors....spread the word! Let's see how many sweet pups we can see!

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