Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

Eyes in the Back of Her Head

Sunday saw a fleeting visit to Yeadon Tarn where thankfully 6yo managed a circumnavigation by scooter without injuring himself. There were plenty of boats out on the water, which makes a change from when I last visited, and blipped from this spot in January.

The highlights of the walk were the baby ducks, of which there were many of various sizes, mostly clustered up at the end near the Yacht Club, rather than in the nature reserve end where they're 'supposed' to live. The little ones were quite challenging to photograph though, as they kept zipping about.

I've settled on this image which doesn't show the full brood, but captures the length mother duck goes to to keep an eye on her ducklings.

close supervision ~ of an attentive mother ~ a taste of freedom

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