Ferinus vis quod ignarus

By leecarson


If I had been born as someone with any practical, useful abilities - I mean someone who could fix things, or build things, both of which are generally beyond me - I would have liked to have been a locksmith.

I secretly (less so,now) love the idea of locks, keys, tumblers, pins and so on. The notion that without this piece of squiggly metal my door is unassailable. A reassuring weight and satisfying click go a long way.

So, the lock in this blip is on my shed and it's a good lock, but only as strong as the flimsy wood it is bolted to. But I'm getting a garage :-) A real life, brick and concrete garage and once it's mine I intend to fortify it: wall brackets for bikes, a ground anchor for the Honda, chains...machine gun turrets? No seriously, Homebase do them now.

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