As seen by me...

By GrantR

It's all about the clouds...

Glad I made the trip back down to Calton tonight, the clouds were perfect for streaky cloud long exposure shots. From the batch of keepers I got I've gone with this one all down to the movement in the clouds. The other shots are more streaks towards the camera, this is streaks away from it and it's created quite a strange cloud pattern. Took a while to get the shot as the monument was dripping with tourists most of the time I was there, got one lucky break with nobody on it and the clouds just right.

2 minute exposure, Heliopan ND3.0 ten stopper, circular polariser, hitech 0.6 & 0.9 nd soft grads.

As long as it doesn't rain tomorrow, it'll be a day down the East Lothian coast on the long exposures!

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