We went to buy baby42's first shoes today.

We were so keen we arrived at the shopping centre about half an hour before the shops opened (Mrs42 assured me they opened at 10am) so we sat on a bench in the centre while baby42 greeted everyone who passed by with a friendly "hiya" and, if they were lucky, a wave.

She was also busy practising her walking - we counted 17 steps including some deliberate changes of direction.

Of course when we were trying on shoes she refused to walk at all and cruised and crawled round the shop ... finally she showed us she could walk in the new shoes so we left several notes lighter (how come kids shoes are so expensive - I got a new pair too and they were only £10 more).

BTW - this isn't the pair we bought - we settled on an altogether shinier pair that fitted better (bets on how long they will stay shiny?) - but this is the better photo!

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