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For the Admiral and For Victory

Our final day in Portsmouth. A morning in the historic dockyard starting off with ACTION STATIONS, a simulation of all things Navy in the 20th-21st century. A place for kids to press buttons, pull levers, learn a bit of science and technology and shoot some guns. There was even time to climb a wall, my 5 year first ever go on a climbing wall (I think mine also) and she climbed significantly higher than I imaged she would. My boy unfortunately was too short for this one so it was just me and the girl - he didn't seem too disappointed.

Following that, a boat ride around the harbour for nearly an hour (very cold but lots to see and they seemed to enjoy it).

With time running out I wanted to take a look at HMS Victory (Nelson's Flagship). What a sight. Stunning. The kids were in awe. You can explore the whole thing (as we did) quite amazing. I'd have preferred to spend more time reading the material, listening to audio commentary but it was just a giant maze of unknown things for the kids. Its a self tour, just follow the blue signs and rope maze up and down and all over the ship.

And then I found this small discrete plaque up on deck.

So I stood there. Where Nelson Fell.

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