Of late I have been struggling a bit to get motivated for blip, I love taking the photos and really don't want that to stop. So I have found a solution.

Last week I came across two stunning cycle journals that had some great writing and images and they have inspired me to concentrate on a cycling theme for a while.

I cycle everyday, not the distances I did before I had children, but I still cycle. I love the freedom of it, I love how I leave work behind, I love how I get to cycle along the canal in the sun, the rain and the snow. I love every season it brings. I have had days when the rain and the wind have been so hard and cold that my head as stung with the pain of it and days when the stillness and the sun have allowed me to watch the fish on the bottom. I ride it at night and share it with the bats and the rats and in the day I share with others on bikes, those who walk dogs, some in a hurry, some just meandering. I ride it with my children and use it to try to teach them respect for others and how a little ting-ting can make our dealings with others much easier. It is not all plain sailing, I do get annoyed at those who use it for a training ground but I can't have it all my own way.

Part of the theme is to challenge me to ask people on bikes or those I deal with about bikes if I can take and post photographs of them. Today was my first ask and I must thank Sam from Biketrax at Tollcross for being a very willing subject.

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