Big Hill

By bighill

Unloading the kiln....

Here she is with her treasures! Bronwyn did a great job at helping unload a rather hot kiln this afternoon. There was a slight bit of disappointment, for all of us....i made a very minor adjustment to the firing program, expecting not too dramatic a change in the glazes.....well, it was a bit more than i'd hoped for! Moral of the story....don't try and change what ain't broke.....especially with the offspring's treasures in the kiln !

Well, she's mostly all packed and ready for us to head off to the airport in the is just all too bittersweet these visits! It's been wonderful and i know she's had a great time too! Pity it rained basically every day, except 1 and then a bit of blue skies the other day! however, it hasn't stopped us from enjoying all of it!!

Thanks Bronwyn for coming to visit!

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