Quick look at light

The light is Delhi is different. Even during early mornings it isn't particularly endearing and washes colour away. It will have to be used differently. Was reading a National Geographic publication called "The Ultimate guide to travel photography" where the author shares among other things the concept or the idea for a travel story - strong story-lines, weak ones and how one goes about shooting these projects. A lot of brilliant National Geographic photographers, especially regulars on their Traveler magazine share personal experiences on what goes on behind the scenes on their projects. The photographic brilliance though an essential prerequisite is only a part of their stories. I can think of a few people I would gladly recommend the book to.

On another note, I had a long wait for my luggage last evening. My checked-in bag was nowhere to be seen, as the crowd around the conveyor belt got so thin, there were hardly a couple of people left. The staff informed me that the bag had been on the flight. The possibility of someone having walked away with it did cross my mind, because there isn't a thorough check as someone leaves the airport. As I circled the belt when almost everyone had left, watching the same suitcases do the rounds yet again, I found mine standing outside. Someone must have thought it was theirs, took it out to check and conveniently forgot to put it back. Well, it could always be worse, but showing consideration isn't one of Delhi's strong points. And towards people we know, whom we meet regularly or those we are around with is one thing, but showing consideration towards a stranger, that nameless, often faceless being is something else. I have much to speak in favour of the latter too, which has far-reaching impacts.

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