The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Black Dog Hill

I was on my way to the grounds at Bowood House late this afternoon when it began to rain, putting paid to my plans for a quiet read, so I decided to pull up at the bottom of Black Dog Hill to see how the sheep I blipped on March 8th were getting on. I swung the camera round a little from where I looked last time so you can see their proximity to the A4, the road that goes from London to Bristol. In the background you can see where the exit road from Bowood House comes out.

I know how you disdain gossip so I'll refrain from saying that the lodge house you can see behind the hedge is where Prince Charles used to meet up with Camilla, who lived further up the road in Pickwick, in the Diana days, when there were three in the marriage.

Just along to the left of where this picture ends is Black Dog Millennium Bridge. This reinstated a through passage on the route of the old Calne-Chippenham railway line and is now a cycle route. Your candid street photographer thought he had caught a pair of cyclists unawares, but discovered his error when they both waved at him.

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

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