Life of Riley

By jenceng


This photo is more about the blip than the photo.
I was enjoying an afternoon birdwatching at a local reserve when I watched a bird fly over and land awkwardly in the reeds.
How gutted was I not to have the scope with me that afternoon, but I did have my camera.
I kept losing where it was, then every now and then I saw the reeds move. So excited, I couldn't really believe it was what I thought it was but in the end I couldn't rule it out; it was a Great Bittern.
Extremely happy with my afternoon's viewing I shared the news with people I saw at the reserve all the way back to the reserve cafe.
When I reached the cafe, I showed some guys there my picture... they grabbed their scopes & cameras and hot footed in the direction of where the Bittern was last seen; one of them was the reserve warden; Bitterns were last seen here a couple of years ago!

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