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that's all folks!

show ending...

in case I don't see you:

good afternoon good evening and goodnight.

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About this dishblog:
I do not now why i started. And I did not know when I would stop. Could have keep doing this for years to come. It is all about silence, meditation, focus, beauty, ritual, rhythm, habits, daily common things, the ordinary. A daily chore became a treat, unfolding a fresh still life setting throughout the day.
I like to work on big series. And, like any other series I have made, as soon as I know the why of the process, I stop.

Thanks to Joe for giving the opportunity.

Thanks to all of you who commented on this series:


This dish is low calorie and high powered.

Definitely an interesting feeling to look at this for any length of time.

This is meditation and a journal. deep.

Its about the arrangement.

Always those shears, but I like the reflection.

As long as there are no baguettes, apples or pie in the scene, I feel like I can breathe easier...

How original!
Dishes dishes dishes,
different angles,
different days.
dishes dishes dishes.
How original! How
intriguing. I bet you were thinking...
"I'm gonna create a theme.
Can you guess what it will be?
It's 'Dishes, dishes, dishes,'
and those who do not get it
can point
their cameras

I think you have a real ritual happening as well as a captive subject matter, something we all dream of. get out much?

Blip is a ritual, art is a ritual, everything we do is ritual, though out of it sometimes comes real inspiration. thanks for the reminder.

Teatime? approaching minimalism tinged with cartoonish humour. moving along.

Thanks for the bits of colour and the reminder about habits.

This one is really uncomfortable, really mixes my senses.

Can't help feeling this is building into some kind of crisis

Symmetry exemplified.

The longer it takes...between thought and/or thinking...even if so by meditate or/and levitate...the light shines brighter when time has passed and/or not...

You got me chuckling again. Thanks.

Definitely one of the most eccentric journals here.

I need to see your dishes every night. Somehow.

One of the most bizarre blips.

Fabulous determination! well done, what you have done is memorable in it's unique way.

I love how there's such uniqueness of your dishes.

Really cool work 48073.

I love your photos. I am so excited when I catch one on the front of the blippage.

Makes me smile!
That's how I felt this A.M.
I'm glad this day is over!

This one is my favourite...

I think you have influenced my photography! I somehow like to see your dishes every night....

Highly evolved statement. cheers.

Gek, maar 't verveelt nooit....

Well done, you have managed to produce the most boring series of photographs I have ever seen.
This isn't art this is internet litter.

Stick with it. your dedication is inspiring and in the final analysis, very interesting.

Its not art or inspiring, its just a guy in a manky house. Get a cleaner or off your bum and do some dishes.

We find your series really entertaining and interesting, not to mention that we admire the consistency. Touché!

I love it! And admire your consistency!

The effects of gravity nullified.

If one goes through a bunch of your shots quickly they can pretend they are experiencing a plane crash in progress.

These are brilliant. It's funny but no matter how many times I look at these pictures my brain keeps trying to work out how the dishes manage to defy gravity.

Haha. I LOVE this collection, 48073.

You can't be serious !?! :)

I can see a patern in these pictures...

Upside down and cornered. is that the truth today?

Within the square a slight disorder but the disorder is aligned with itself.

Atmosfere zero...? is fantastic... genious... oh my god...

Your blip is mad ;-)

I could have sworn this was a work of art; a metal board with bowls and cups glued to it.

Still think this is an amazing series. Very refreshing!

Dont go!

Now there's a hint of art ... lovely dish sculpture.

Now that is good composition....seriously.

I started to see this is going somewhere. i see there's a color contrast that makes sense...

Perhaps if you venture outside you may be inspired by your surroundings............nature, humanity, science. it must be wearying to take credit for angles of mediocrity?

Cool colors, i love the perspective, awesome blip.

Love to see something else.

Awesome perspective, i love the variety.

I said, "See, he calls it 'almost naked' " and he says "Well, yes, you can see that." Interesting. :)

Defying Gravity.

It's been a treat to check in on a quotidien activity through your journal -- not my favorite chore, I should add. And I now view my dishrack in a slightly different light.

Your journal really set me free in so many ways that I am very grateful for. I found the essence of art evoked on your project, as I watched the reactions and interactions...all part of a very beautiful dance.

There is a great freedom in what is interpreted as a limitation or something that needs changing in your blips.  I love that people lovingly try to get you to change. Or get a bit frustrated that you don\'t do \"something else\".

Ahhh...art.  Here is is happening (to me anyway) in all the interactions right before our eyes.

It's good to stick to your guns when you set yourself a challenge.

I love it. Who knew that your photos of your dishes would begin to touch so deeply?  Mean so much?  Become familiar friends in a way?

I do think there is something very profound going on.  
Kind of like how we take breathing for granted when if we pay attention to our breathing we begin to feel differently about out life somehow.  

I get you, got you from the start. what you do is pretty much what we do.as you see it. that's it.you might be right.

At first it seemed odd to me, then it seemed normal, then it seemed quite cool.

Thanks for making me think.


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