By feorlean

Duly Elected

Today the Parliament elected the First Minister. No surprises who won ! This is Alex leaving the parliament after the election from the Queensberry House entrance. Lots of weel kent faces in there too - the hair at the front is Roseanna Cunningham's, for instance !

This great and joyful occasion (the same happened in 2007) is about the only time that the gates are opened at Queensberry House, which is a pity becauase laid into the ground right between them is a quotation which I was very keen to see included in the bulding when I was on the original group that choose the art work and the words for the walls at Holyrood.

It is from the Lormier translation in Scots of the New Testament (1 Corinithiasns 13) and says :

Gin I speak wi the tungs o men an angels, but hae nae luve in my hairt, I am nane better nor a dunnerin bress or a rínging cymbal.

I always thought it would be good idea for MSPs to be confronted with that important thought every day - but it is in the wrong place and at the wrong entrance ( alas) for such regular contact to take place.

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