Baby Dreams

By babydreams

Motherhood + Guilt = Bedfellows.

If you're a mum you're sure to know what this image symbolises. Yes the epic Bottle v Breast debate. If you're not a mum you're probably wondering what the big deal is. That's how I felt when I was pregnant, I'll try to breastfeed but if it doesn't work out, its no big deal. Well I was ignorant. Don't underestimate how passionate mums are about all things childrearing. It's personal! Motherhood is littered with guilt-inducing choices: formula or breastmilk, weaning at 6 months or earlier, babyled or spooned, jars or homemade, dummies or not, cosleep or not, disposable nappies or cloth, leave to cry or not, rear-facing past 20lbs or not, slap your health visitor in the face or not. OK that last one isn't guilt-inducing.

By the way today I had every blipper's worst nightmare! I forgot to take my camera out with me!! Imagine my horror. So today's blip is a page from this month's Mother and Baby. Sue me :P

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