All Those Pretty Things..

By erinsharp

The Cullen Clan...

...Something I used to wish I was part of, Sad I know.
Yes I'm still on the Twilight theme :) Nothing interesting happened today so here I am photoing my eye and manipulating it so that it looks golden :) I always wanted to be a good vampire! :) And it was never Bella I aspired to be, more Alice!
For all you non Twilight fans you'll have no idea what I'm rambling on about so sorry! :) Shall I attempt to explain?
Okay, well "good" vampires (if there is such a thing) are vampires that only drink the blood of animals, not humans. The Cullen Clan, they are "good" vampires! You can tell what a vampire eats by the colour of their eyes, Gold means animal blood, Red means human blood. Black means they're hungry and you should be worried!

Anyway enough of my vampirey geekyness! And anyway, Vampire Diaries is the new Twilight! :)

Today was my maths exam :) It went surprisingly well, first few minutes in the exam I panicked and thought I'd forgotten EVERYTHING, but I managed to calm myself down and remembered :)

Went to the Gym with my Mum afterwards too :) Can't say I did an awful lot but I do feel like I'm going to ache tomorrow! Better to ache tomorrow rather than Sunday for my shopping trip with Ed! Exciteddddd!

Anyway I'm gonna go now because I'm feeling tired and I kind of want to read :) So night night :) And I hope you like my photo! :)

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