Ramblings of a psychotog!

By AndyCabb

A lazy blip

returned to my faithfull blip buddy.
Im having a lazy day today. the weather is pish poor to say the least and im just not in the mood.
so i used all my energy to chase cleo and steal her toy teddy.
this is a sure fire way to get her to sit nice for a blip sit.
needless to say after about 5mins trying to get an "interesting" facial expression out of her, she got bored and decided to go to sleep.

incidentley i took this pic on a wee camera i bought of ebay for a tenner.
i decided i needed a wee point and shoot for those occasions where you dont want to be carrying a big camera around. I have noticed its limitations already but as an in your pocket emergency camera i think it should be ok.

not to shabby for a tenner and it came with a memory card too!

I hope your having better weather than us here.

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