IsItDan's Journal

By DEdgell


I have tried revising today, it didnt rerally work, although it had better start working soon, i have an exam on wednesday! so i decided to go and photograph some of my wonderful little chickens!!!

i went out side to find all of our 'original' chickens rumaging though the soil in the back garden, which offered the perfect photo oppatunity!

Maggie (which is the chicken in this Blip) is just over 2 years old now, we have 2 sets of chickens, the 'original ones' which are all just over 2 years old. We also have the 'New chickens' which are a year old!!! they all have names as well, but im not going to go into that now!

like i was saying maggie and the rest of the original chickens were enjoying the sun whiilst rumaging through the soil!!

And here is the image in proof!!
hope everyone is having a nice relaxing sunday!

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