Still Alive

By rinkkasatiainen

A whole day with the princess

back-blipped on Mon May 23rd

My dear wife was on a bachelor party of a godmother of the little princess.

That meant that I got the luxury of being with the little princess for the whole day.

Breakfast, walk outdoors (to a new cafeteria - very good actually) - lunch - nap (first time ever on her own bed) - snack - playing outdoor - dinner - walking outdoor - supper - bedtime.

I could've selected any picture of myself. Just for the sake of it. Don't know much cuter sight than the little princess giving a kiss to dad on a little screen of my 40D. Cute.

She really missed her mom when going to bed. She really did. Luckily I know how to comfort her. Boy, did she miss her mom.

That big tears I've never seen before. Looking at her picture... Touchy.

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