My Year in Pictures

By jenny


You can be forgiven if you think this is just a pile of logs as he's very well camouflaged - however Bill is in there honest.

Heard a wee crash earlier on and went to investigate. Bill was very innocently sat by the log pile with a few logs around him. So I restacked them and went back inside.

Five minutes later there was an even bigger crash and this time there even more logs out of place and he was frantically "digging" to try to get to whatever he was trying to get to.

I've never seem him so excited! All sorts of high pitched yelps and mad digging, followed by trying to put his paws or nose as far under the board that the logs rest on, as he could.

So not what I intended to blip, however it's made me giggle too much not too!

And I have not yet restacked the logs.

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