In passing

By passerby


..and Discarded.

It is quite amazing what one finds among discarded things.

P.S. I see a gradual change creep into my photography. It is not a conscious change. But I see myself using complete manual settings. Starting from the Exposure, aperture, ISO, white balance and even focusing. I am minimizing the use of photoshop. Like in this shot, there is no photoshop at all!

Having said that, I do not have anything against post processing. Instead of working solely on the photo quality, I like to use photoshop to give a personal touch to the photo. So that it is able to reflect my mood or thoughts or even the idea I wanted to convey.

Anyway, since I am yet to move to dynamic objects, I have the luxury of time on my hands. Ample opportunity to set up my camera as I like.

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