Mom, dad and baby

Pride, joy, unbridled pleasure, contentment. I'm not sure what adjectives I should use to describe these two parents and their love for each other and for their baby. I think words are not so effective as images.

I have known the mom, casually, for a few years. This is the second time I've had the privilege of photographing her with her delightful baby. Today was extra special as the dad was able to be there too.

I was very pleased at how willing everyone was to try so many things in this portrait session. The dad was, initially, a little awkward taking his shirt off. Mom was completely casual about it. Baby seemed to love it ;)

[Edit, May 30/2011] A couple of days after I posted this, I saw a couple of women blippers comment somewhere else how they don't care much for seeing naked dads holding babies. I was startled by this as I've always loved the contrast of the father's harsh masculinity against the baby's delicacy. Something in that contrast seems to speak deeply to me. Maybe it has something to do with being a dad myself? I don't know. Comments are welcome ;)

All that said, I love seeing a baby in a mother's arms even more! I have a couple of examples of that on my web site. Please have a look.

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