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147 / 365 - Sally <3 <3

Today was the last day of college ever :( It went by so quickly and was really eerie and strange, it felt like something or someone important was missing! Sally!

Our amazing dance teacher Sally wasn't very well and missed our final last ever dance lesson so none of us could say our goodbyes. It was so sad, my thoughts are with her hoping she's okay now!

As she couldn't be with us, we spent the lesson making her a massive get well soon poster and spent it taking photos of us to send to her; here we are spelling out her name with our bodies! :)

I can't believe college is over :( How two years can go so fast. I still remember my first week and meeting some of my teachers, how I felt, how clueless I was about everything. I definitely feel like I've matured and grown over the past two years, my views and plans have changed dramatically and I've gone through a lot of amazing and unfortunate times, so many fun shows, exams;

Dance, Dance Company, MTC, Musical Theatre Club, Photography, Drama, Performing Arts.... so many things!!

I've had some brilliant teachers within the Performing Art's department of whom I will all miss greatly!; Sally, Emily, Stephen, Josie, Matt and the lighting technician Jack!

And I've met some amazing friends who I love and will miss too! So lovely to be in a place where I have career subjects in common with everyone!

What a brilliant two years, the best decision I've made so far and a place with experience's that I will treasure forever!

Goodbye Farnborough, and most importantly get well soon Sally!!! xxxxxxxxx

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