I had a wee errand to do this morning and headed over to the Commie Pool to get some photos of the lyrca lads and lassies heading off for their East Lothian sweat fest.
While there I met James, who was there to meet some people to ride the time trial route for the Cycle Couriers Games. I couldn't resist asking James if I could take his photograph, his bike is incredible. The spokes on that back wheel are made of wood and his handle bars are so narrow they consist of a headset and two grip lengths. Very cool. Thanks again James.

I am thoroughly enjoying this wee theme of bike related people and things. It really is opening up the multi-faceted world of cycling to me, there are seemingly infinite groups and sub-groups that get pleasure from bikes.

Other news , Big girls and I are off to see Sing-Along-Callamity-Jane this afternoon.

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