Steph's window on life...

By SJordan

A lovely Sunday.

Today has been a really nice day, I had Sunday School and Church this morning. My class were watching Veggie Tales, which is always a lot of fun even for the big kids like myself. ;D

After Church we came home and had some lunch, then headed up to my Uncle's to feed and let his dogs out for a bit while he's away, before heading into Belfast to the Continental Market. It's always a lot of fun, and today was no different, it's always cool to walk around, taking in all the colours, smells and sights. That's actually where I took this photo, it was so bright and sunny, I fell in love with it.

Once we'd finished in the Continental Market, after trying some Italian Ice Cream and Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate - YUM!!! :) We took a dander down Royal Avenue and went for a look in some shops. Just home now for a relaxing evening. :D


P.S. I've backblipped for yesterday. Was out with friends for a late birthday dinner, and wasn't home until pretty late.

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